Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Eternal Tattoo Ink

You already know how dedicated we are to selling tattoo supplies of the very highest quality. Our customers are ink professionals themselves, and they've come to expect nothing but the finest when they order inks and accessories from us. Our reputation is as brilliant as the inks we stock, sell and ship.

As of May 2014 we are pleased to present a new addition to our catalog of world class tattoo supplies and accessories. If you're in the tattoo industry as an artist or as an aficionado of fabulous body art, you've surely heard the buzz about Eternal Tattoo Ink. Eternal makes every color ink imaginable, and every shade of gray, as well. We're proud to be adding the full range of Eternal tattoo ink to our online store. A great artist can only be as good as their tools and supplies. The way we see it, it's worth spending a little extra for super high quality ink products. Ink is, after all, injected under the skin when a tattoo is applied, so using the best ink possible just makes good sense.

If you're looking for any Eternal tattoo ink sets, you'll find these and more in our online catalog:

* Muted earth tones
* Portrait skin tones
* Zombie color set
* Silver 50 color set
* Liz Cook series
* Gold 60 color set
* Gray wash set

Ready to order a massive collection of designer inks or would you like to start with a sampler set of our most popular colors? Of course we'll be happy to sell you single bottles, if that's what you have in mind. We are all about keeping you, our esteemed customer, satisfied. We understand as well as anyone that tattoos are forever, so we offer the best tattoo supplies in the world along with first class customer service. If you'd like further information about anything we sell or if you're ready to place your order for inks and supplies, you can give us a call right now at 1-855-633-3537 or you may contact us through our website at www.needlesupply.com
Eternal Tattoo Ink


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