Monday, May 5, 2014

Alla Prima Tattoo Ink

We're proud to announce that we now sell the full line of professional tattoo ink Alla Prima.  
A good quality tattoo ink is essential for great looking tattoos. High quality tattoo ink is vital when creating professional, bright, long lasting colorful tattoos. A quality tattoo ink provides a tattoo artist with a great tool to create beautiful tattoos that last a lifetime. Tattoo artists who begin using Alla Prima tattoo ink will notice how easy the ink flows into the skin and how well it heals. The tattoos created will glow with more radiance.

A good tattoo ink is made with the best pigments. Alla Prima is made with pre-dispersed powder pigments that are selected for their pure, intense, deep and clean attributes. In addition to using the best powder pigment, the creators gave extra attention to the blend of carriers selected to deliver the pigment into the skin.

We offer over 50 amazing colors in individual bottles of tattoo ink

We offer over 30 different tattoo ink sets


  1. Only ink I use now since John gave me a set. Goes in easy and heals bright. Been wanting to check out the new Arcane lining black. Has anyone used it? What did you think?

  2. As far as I can see, you offer a wide range of ink colors. How much does one bottle (container) cost?