Sunday, September 8, 2013

24 hour waiting period before getting a tattoo

Should you have to wait 24 hours to get a tattoo? That’s the question being raised by health regulators in Washington, DC. Officials are considering a mandatory 24 hour waiting period before getting a tattoo or body piercing in our nations capitol.

The owner or licensee of tattoo shops located in Washington, DC will have to ensure that no tattoos or piercings will be performed until a mandatory twenty-four hour waiting period has passed since the customer initiated contact with the establishment if the proposed regulation becomes law.

If passed, say goodbye to the days of walking into a tattoo shop and walking out with a tattoo or body piercing.

Such regulation could be detrimental because tattooists rely heavily on walk-in business. Tattoo shops receive 40-70% of their revenue from walk-in customers that want that spontaneous tattoo or piercing. Furthermore, tattoo expos would be a thing of the past if this becomes law.

Officials are citing health risks and buyers remorse as the  basis for the proposed regulation. They believe this will prevent people from making a bad impulse decision and allow them 24 hours to think it over.

Most tattoo professionals won't tattoo any individual that is underage, intoxicated or indicates that they're not committed to the tattoo.

Do we need the government protecting us from getting a tattoo or piercing that we may regret?

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  1. can i enter a coment i think all proffesional shops can distinguish if a customer is high, drunk, dont know what they want or they are underaged .. so really i say we are comunist and our government is not the government that my grandfather and the like of peole like sailor jerry have fought for.............

  2. apparently free enterprise is a thing of the past and our newly founded communist government thinks they need to control everyones lives.

  3. I think that every single citizen of our country needs the government protecting and preventing them from getting a tattoo or piercing that we unfortunately may regret.

  4. I think that in order for the procedure to go well and the result pleased you, you must take into account all the advice of the master and do what he says.