Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Klutch Disposable 1 Inch Tattoo Tubes

Check out our new Klutch disposable tattoo grips at http://www.needlesupply.com/1-Inch-Black-Klutch-Disposable-Tube-p/bdt3.htm These grips are called "Klutch grips" because of their ergonomic design that enables tattoo artists to clutch the grip in the hand more easily. Designed with comfort in mind, our new black disposable tattoo Klutch grips have a soft rubber grip with perfectly placed grooves. Each disposable tube is constructed with high grade black PVC for extra strength and stamped with the corresponding size. And of course, each grip is pre-sterilized and sealed in an individual blister pack.

Klutch Disposable Tattoo Tubes

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